About Us

Welcome To ShabdPrthna

Our History

Shabd Prarthna is a Gujarati(but not limited to), literature centric organization in Toronto, Canada. SP is a registered company under “Arts and Literature” in Ontario, Canada, Since 2014.

One of Shabd Prarthna’s core values is women empowerment. As such, our core team is comprised entirely of women. This unique leadership team is unified in our objective of promoting literature and art through our various events.

Shabd Prarthna organizes events in Canada and provides a platform to talented Gujarati authors, poets, musicians, along with psychiatrists and therapists. It is also an opportunity for Gujarati families who have migrated many years ago or in recent times and who often feel disconnected to their culture, literature, and much more. Our events also focus on a global dialogue about diversity and multiculturalism.  Our objective is to provide the insight of learning, respecting, and growing alongside the diverse communities around us in our new home “Canada”.  

Though the events are held in Canada, the content and lessons are applicable anywhere throughout the world. Events such as “Challenges of the Change” or “The Fifth Dimension of Life” by Jay Vasavda, “Understanding our ancient scriptures in current times” by Kaajal Oza Vaidya, and “Happiness and Relationship: A Psychological Perspective” from Dr. Hansal Bhachech are shared on SP platform and have reached diverse communities around the world.

Our organization has grown rapidly over the past few years and increased our reach throughout Canada and around the world. Canada is a country that encourages assimilation while also holding onto our unique culture and background. This multicultural community comes with many unique opportunities for self-development and growth. We are very excited to see what the next few years bring and we look forward to seeing you at our events.


Our Vision and Mission


“ShabdPrathna” is a global platform for women to express themselves through literature, art, and music, ultimately striving to empower other women to do the same and celebrate their roots and culture. We believe awareness is empowerment, empowerment is confidence, and confidence is necessary to reach our potential.


“ShabdPrathna” envisions the world of women which encourages them to step out of their comfort zones of countries, cultures, and visualize themselves more as global women. Stree aims to make women’s skills and the knowledge of their own cultural heritage, art and literature more relevant in current times. It should enable their ability to reach into diverse communities for personal growth and enrichment.